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Chapter Five: Multiple Admirers

Author's note: Adult themes in this chapter.

Sentinel finished her few songs, and left the stage to rejoin Vader. She passed Kalira on the stage stairs, and gave her a confused look. Kalira blushed and kept walking. Sentinel’s eyebrows went up at that.

Sentinel joined Vader back out on the dance floor. Vader took her into his arms and started dancing with her the moment the band had started the next song.

“You seem to be enjoying yourself...” Sentinel said.

“You have entertaining friends.” Vader said.

“Oh, really? Why, what did Kalira say?” Sentinel said, her eyes flashing dangerously.

“For one thing, that I’m a sharp dresser.” Vader said, chuckling again.

Sentinel couldn’t help herself. She started laughing too. “That sounds like something Kalira would say. She says the most interesting things when she’s nervous.” Sentinel grinned.

“Would you say I made her nervous?”

“You make me nervous, and I know you.”

“You haven’t had time to get to truly know me.” Vader rumbled gently.

“What little time I have had, I have made the most of.” Sentinel said.

Vader was silent over that.

“Do you feel you know me?” Sentinel asked.

Vader looked down at her. Sentinel felt his gaze bore into her, encompass her. Overpower her. She had to fight to keep her knees from buckling. Yet she knew he wasn’t trying to overpower her just then... it was the possessiveness in his intense gaze that made her suddenly weak in his arms.

She had never known anyone who could make her melt with his gaze.

“I know you.” Vader said.

“Yes”, she whispered in response.

Vader tightened his embrace, and she sank into it in response, head once again pressed against his chest. She heard his heart beating, and the rather odd, mechanical sounds of his breathing. She sighed.

Several songs later, the band thanked the audience and said goodnight, to uproarious applause. Sentinel was on stage with them, having gone up for the last song of the night. The band members all stood and bowed low, then left the stage, heading for a room behind the stage. Vader watched them leave, clapping for them as the rest of the audience was.

Javel, standing several meters away with his wife Reah, watched this with a slight smile. Any encounter with the Dark Lord where no-one died was a success, in his opinion. Since this was his second success in as many visits, he wondered if he was going to develop an ego problem over this.

As the band entered the relaxation room behind the stage, Sal stopped and said, very dramatically, “Best... gig... ever.” Everyone else laughed. Kip headed straight for the bar in the room, pulled out a bottle of some amber liquid, opened it, and collapsed on the couch. Drej joined her, leaning her head on the Gungan’s shoulder’s, and massaging her wrists, which were a little achy from playing the drums.

Sal sat at the bar and opened a large bottle of something expensive, and started pouring it out into 3 glasses. He handed a glass to Kalira and Sentinel. They all clinked glasses. Kip briefly got up off the couch far enough to clink her bottle to the glasses as well, then collapsed once more. Drej just grinned, lifted an empty hand, and made “clinking” motions with her imaginary glass, much to the others amusement.

Drej didn’t drink.

Sentinel was halfway through her drink when the unmistakable noise of Vader’s breathing just barely preceded him into the room. He stood at the doorway, enjoying the nervousness his presence inspired.

Sentinel walked up to him, smiling, and stood beside him. “Well, what did you think?” she asked.

Vader gave them all a glance before looking down at Sentinel. “Very original style, with an unexpected beat. You remind me a little of ‘Citadel’.”

The nervousness lessened as the band members echoed their thanks. Everyone in the band was a huge fan of Citadel, Sentinel included. They weren’t trying to directly copy Citadel’s work, but they all knew that another band can automatically influence your own sound, if you like that other band.

Kalira shyly moved closer to Vader. “Do you play any instruments, m’Lord?”

Sentinel watched her, suddenly feeling like her territory was being encroached upon. I’m jealous. I was jealous of Kalira making Vader laugh, spending time with Vader on the dance floor, and now I’m still jealous. Bad future Jedi, no dessert for you, Sentinel chided herself.

“My instruments all sit inside a cockpit.” Vader rumbled pleasantly.

Sal discreetly rolled his eyes at Kip and Drej.

“Have you ever tried to play anything, m’Lord? Or tried to sing?” Kalira asked.

Kip snorted slightly, and suddenly became the target of four alarmed and one angry glance. She immediately quieted down, becoming very interested in the floor and in the remaining contents of her bottle.

“No, I have not.” Vader said, staring directly at Kip. Kip seemed to wilt under that gaze, doing her best to become one with the couch.

“I’m really tired, guys,” Sentinel said, yawning for effect. “I think I shall retire.” Sentinel started to leave the room, holding onto Vader’s hand in an attempt to guide him out of there.

“You have not introduced me to your friends.” Vader said, ominously.

“Oh. Uhm, sorry. Well... guys, this is Lord Darth Vader,” Sentinel said. Vader received friendly, if terrified, nods from everyone, including Kip, who was brave enough to look Vader in the face for this formality.

Sentinel said, “Lord Vader, this is Kalira Darkstar, our lead singer, whom you’ve already met.” Kalira nodded, trying to conceal her irritation at her last name being given out.

Sentinel continued, “This is Sal Gathan, our guitarist.” Sal nodded. “Drej Roth, our drummer.” Drej nodded and smiled. “And this is Kip Pindy, our keyboardist.” Kip nodded, smiling weakly, then gazing back down at the floor.

“Ms. Pindy, you wouldn’t happen to be related to a Mr. Jar Jar Binks, would you?” Vader asked.

“Meesa Uncle, mee-Lord.” Kip said, nervously.

Vader nodded.

Kalira stepped forward. Sentinel had the distinct impression that Kalira didn’t want Vader to leave.

“M’Lord, I know your voice is... electronically enhanced. But it is also very melodic. You should try singing... I’m sure you would sound incredible.” she said.

Sentinel gaped at her. She’s flirting. With MY Dark Lord, Sentinel thought, her jade eyes going a darker, emerald green as she watched Kalira.

“Ms. Darkstar”, Vader said, saying her last name very slowly, “I think it’s a little late for me to be contemplating a career change.”

Kalira laughed a little nervously. Sentinel narrowed her eyes, giving her a dangerous glare. But Kalira didn’t notice, and anyway, it’s hard to look dangerous to someone who is taller than you are.

“It’s time to leave.” Sentinel said, with obvious anger in her voice. This time Vader allowed himself to be pulled out of the room.

Vader had to stifle a chuckle as Sentinel dragged him back into the dance room, then through a doorway and into a long hallway. Vader was about to yank his hand out of her grasp, when Sentinel suddenly stopped.

“Where am I going?” she said, mostly to herself.

“My quarters are at the far end of this hall.” Vader said. He held her hand tightly, and started moving. This time it was Sentinel who was being dragged.

“Wait, I’m not sure this is a good idea.” she said.

“I’m very sure it is.” Vader said.

Sentinel didn’t answer, but gave in to their destination, and sped up to keep in step with Vader.

“I didn’t realize you could sing.” Vader commented.

“Neither did I, until I tried out for the band.” Sentinel said.

Several stormtroopers walked down the hall towards them, then gave them a wide berth. Once they were past, Vader said, “You were very good.”

Sentinel almost blushed, but right now she was worrying about what was about to happen. “Thank you. The band spent a alot of time training me”, she said.

They entered Vader’s quarters. Sentinel watched the door auto-close behind her, and started to nervously crack her knuckles. The more time she spent with Vader, the harder it would be later on to fight the Dark Side. Just being this close to him... it was as if his darker Force aura kept crowding in on her aura. She knew he was going to do his utmost to seduce her back to the Dark Side.

She wanted to be with him, but she was afraid of what the final price would be.

Vader lifted a finger at the door and used the Force to lock it. He then pulled out a hose from the wall, and hooked it to his breathing port underneath his shoulder armor. He stopped to look at Sentinel.

She was standing in one place, looking around at his room. She had her arms crossed in front of her, and was nibbling on her lower lip. Vader had never seen her this nervous.

Vader smiled thinly. He had her back. And this time, she seemed more respectful of his power and authority. Good.

But at the same time, Vader didn’t want her to fear him. A small part of him wanted back the trusting, confident Sentinel. He didn’t want to dominate her. He wanted their relationship to start back up as if 5 long years hadn’t passed in the interim.

But still, it was rather enjoyable to see her act almost as nervous around him as one of his lieutenants.

“Why are you so nervous?” He asked, with some amusement.

“Things are different this time. You’re much more dangerous.” she said.

“Are you afraid I will once again throttle you?” Vader asked, almost laughing.

That remark seemed to settle Sentinel’s nerves. “I’m not afraid of what you might do to me physically, Lord Vader.” she said, arching an eyebrow. “I’m afraid of you the way a recovering drug addict is afraid of being around Death Sticks.”

“I’m your addiction,” Vader remarked, starting to remove his helmet. “I like the sound of that.”

“I didn’t mean it quite that way...” Sentinel started.

“Too late. The truth is out.” Vader laughed.

Sentinel laughed in spite of herself, and began to relax.

Vader finished removing his 2 piece helmet and adjusted the controls on his chest so that he was now breathing through the hose. This was one of the few ways in which he could comfortably exist without the mask.

Sentinel found herself staring at his eyes. She was a little alarmed to see them glow with a yellow light. He was so immersed in the Dark Side that right now, at a time when he should have been relaxed, his eyes were still windows into the darkness.

But they were still his eyes. And this was still his face. Even with the influence of the Dark Side, there was still almost a kindness to his expression.

Sentinel’s fear evaporated, and arousal took it’s place. She walked up to Vader and laid her hands on his chest. Vader placed his arms around her, laying one hand at the small of her back, looking down at her possessively. “Are you sure you are not afraid of what I might do to you, physically?” he purred, in his normal voice. He leaned over and kissed her, one hand on the back of her head.

Sentinel moaned slightly and returned the kiss. Vader felt her body yielding to him, and was tempted to use this moment to flood her senses with the Dark Side, to tempt her fully. He had been training himself in the art of influencing people, trying to improve his already extensive abilities in this area. He had been focusing on projecting emotions and desires, in literally changing people’s intentions for their lives. He had, in short, been training himself for this moment.

But out of respect for her, he held himself back. But almost as if in response to denying himself this moment to bring her over, he found himself acting ravenous with her.

Well, it had been 5 years.

His intensity only seemed to mirror her own. Both Vader’s and Sentinel’s mental shields went down, and Sentinel found herself saying a little prayer to whatever good forces/spirits might be nearby, to please not let Vader see anything he could use to harm her friends or the Rebellion later!

Vader, however, wasn’t looking for secrets. He was, however, seeking to share his pleasure and hers.

To say that making love is quite a different experience for Force users from non-Force users is an understatement. Two Force-sensitive partners can easily tell what is pleasing to the other, and get to experience each other’s sensations, to boot. Of course, both partners have to be enthusiastic about the goal for this to work.

Sentinel and Vader were very enthusiastic. Their enthusiasm led them eventually to the bed, where they both lay, exhausted, after the event was over.

Sentinel lay there, by Vader’s side. She looked up to see that her dress was hanging over a chair, and her heels were in different corners of the room. When did I get undressed? she wondered.

She looked at Vader. His eyes were closed, and he had a very satisfied grin on his face. There was something so playful to that grin, so unlike a Dark Lord of the Sith, that it made Sentinel chuckle.

“What are you laughing at?” Vader asked, opening his eyes. But his eyes sparkled with amusement. And to Sentinel’s delight, they were also back to their normal, intense blue.

“You look very satisfied with yourself.” Sentinel said, grinning. “Very smug, really.” And then some weird temptation took over, and she started tickling the Dark Lord under the armpits. It was difficult through his environmental suit, but Sentinel applied herself with full dedication.

Vader laughed, and knocked her hands away with some difficulty. But then she was attacking his exposed stomach with near ferocity. He found himself doubled over, having a difficult time stopping her. And realizing what two of his vulnerable spots were, she alternated between armpits and stomach.

Vader finally got the upper hand, managing to get his weight on top of her and pinning her to the bed. He had her wrists captured above her head with his left hand, and her legs pinned by his sitting on them. With his free, right hand he tickled her mercilessly. She squirmed under him like a pinned gundark, laughing hysterically, unable to defend herself.

“Stop! Stop! Ok, I give up... stop!” She said, in between bouts of laughter.

Vader released her, and lay back down on the bed, laughing.

Sentinel got up and grabbed a robe... It’s in my size, she thought. Vader meanwhile stood, closed up his environmental suit, then sat back down on the bed.

She put the robe on, then gestured at it. “This robe is a little small for you, don’t you think?”

He smirked. “I think Commander Javel had the room prepared with the two of us in mind.” He gestured at a much larger robe hanging in the fresher.


Sentinel stood, leaning against the back of a chair. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something, but I didn’t think there was a safe way to get a message to you...”

“Your brother...” Vader said.

“Did you find out anything more about Tarnis’s death?” Sentinel asked.

Vader gazed at her, knowing what she was feeling. He remembered losing his Mother, and knew Sentinel could not feel closure until she was sure that Tarnis had really committed suicide, or sure who his killer was and saw his killer’s lifeless body in a dead heap before her.

“I wasn’t able to find out anything further. I... did my best, but I couldn’t continue searching without my search eventually being found out by the Emperor.” Vader said. He felt overwhelmed with a sense of failure on his part, and was uncomfortable meeting Sentinel’s gaze.

Sentinel seemed to understand his discomfort. She walked up to him, held him and kissed him on his scarred forehead. “Thank you for trying. I know it was risky,” she said.

He looked up at her, holding her close. He sighed, then said, “If I ever do find out what happened, you will be the first to know, my Love.”

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